Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens..

Life is so hard.

really, it's quite the struggle, But I know I can get through it, & So can YOU.

Yes you can. :)

Everything in my life is changing so rapidly, It's throwing me off the loop. Seriously...Giving up is what I've done best...and procrastinating.
To be honest, I didn't believe that I could get through some of the trials I've been through the past while.
Negative self talk is just like a poison. It really does get the best of you. Dont sit and think of all the bad things that are happening to you, because EVERYTHING GETS BETTER! You

Just gotta be patient.

And BOY, Have I realized that not everything works out the way you want it to. Even if you were SO SURE something was going to happen. I found some things out today, and I was CRUSHED. But Im not going to let it break me down. I need to let some things go and move on. God must have another plan for me, &

I am ready for change.

Im ready to get back up & I'll be okay. I know itll be hard some days, But I can fight through it.

I must be patient.

Right now Im still living the college life. OH yes, It's been a blast these past few years. I have THE best Roommates EVER! Seriously, I have been blessed. I've lived with a few of the girls for about a year, and I pretty much call them my sisters. They are hilarious!
Morgan, Rachael, and Halee, You girls are amazing.

I still work at kohls... Oh joy:)I love everyone That I work with there. They are like my second family! No wonder I've stayed there for so long.

I am also planning on moving up to St George one day to work at


My parents sent me there and it changed my life.
Now I want to be the one to help change kids lives.
I wanted to go this fall, but I'm thinking I might not till next year. It'll be okay though. I'm SO excited for the experience.

I've also been thinking about going into Elementary Education to become a school teacher for first graders or something like that. I



I'm excited for what life has in store for me:]

I love you all! Sorry that I havent kept up with my blog, I will try to do better! <3